For ONLY 15 MINUTES A Day, Be Truly Healthy And Well NOW & IN THE FUTURE Without The Need For Expensive Therapies Or Prescription Drugs!

Be there for your loved ones much longer & stronger!

The “Culture Of Fixing”

It’s almost certain that most, if not all of you, would want to attain what the headline has to offer. Sadly, many of those who read it will also not know how to go about it or will not know how to fully grasp the true meaning of “health” and “wellness.”

In fact, it has almost become an accepted notion that a critical illness will strike someone we know by a certain age, no ifs or buts. Then, that friend or relative will just manage by taking prescription drugs or undergoing expensive therapies.

We have become accustomed to the “culture of fixing”: curing, treating, rehabilitating, fixing something when broken already. “Why fix something if it ain’t broke?” some will ask.

Let’s face it. When it comes to health and wellness, we will only tend to ourselves when we already get sick, and when it’s already too late.

Ironic right?

We live in a time filled with health or wellness-related ironies!

  • When the COVID pandemic hit and supposedly slowed everything down, many still find themselves hustling even harder than ever.

  • Many strive to get fit and yet fail to lead healthy lives. Like it or not, many continue to partake in the excesses of their lifestyle and work--long and late hours coupled with increased stress and minimal sleep.

  • A lot of people complain of fatigue and yet could hardly sleep a wink at night.

  • There are countless productivity tools in the market, yet everybody’s load simply keeps on piling up.

  • Many espouse an investor mindset to thrive and to secure one’s future. However, more often than not, they ignore the single most important asset they have, which is themselves. Falling into weak health practices will definitely take its toll on everyone and their loved ones financially and emotionally in the future.

  • People say that they work hard for their loved ones and that they want to be there for them. However, these exact same people do not realize that with the crazy pace of daily life, years are taken away from their lives, possibly even finances later on… things “supposedly” for their loved ones.

Often, they say to themselves: “I will tend to myself later…” If they will not take care of their health and wellbeing now, how will they take care of their loved ones later on?

There’s a saying: “You cannot give what you do not have.”

Speed Up & Slow Down, Push & Recover

It may be true that challenges, and in some cases, stress, are needed to push individuals to grow and strive harder.

Athletes are subjected to intense training for them to triumph in tournaments. Apprentices are tasked to handle the most difficult cases of their craft to hone their skills. Managers are given multiple tasks and deadlines to prepare them for more prominent roles or clients.

However, stress can rapidly, like most other things, pile up and overwhelm.

People, similar to race cars, need pit stops or to slow down at corners. Also, like muscles, people need time to recover after pushing themselves to the limit.

Without the opportunity to bounce back or to recenter, stress will quickly overrun one’s mind and body, resulting in stress overload. Stress overload usually manifests in chronic fatigue, short temper, hasty and unclear decisions, anxiety, and even depression. In some accounts, they may even lead to chronic or critical illnesses and strained relationships.

The best time to check is NOW

Have you experienced any of the health or wellness ironies mentioned above, or do you experience stress overload?

Check and ask yourself now…

  • Do you get up every morning feeling like you’re more exhausted than the day before, sometimes even coupled with an elevated heart rate?

  • Do you have a thousand and one things zooming in your mind and happening all simultaneously and cannot seem to find satisfaction in your accomplishments at the end of the day?

  • Do you find yourself harder to please and easily triggered by the slightest infractions committed by those around you, including your loved ones?

  • Does your “angry meter” go from 0-100 kph in a couple of seconds flat every time you go behind the wheel?

  • Do you find it increasingly challenging to decide on work or personal choices nowadays?

  • Do you find yourself having lifestyle excesses? Are shopping sprees or food and drink binges getting too frequent?

Introducing HeartMath Gadgets & The Wonders They Can Do For You!

Suppose you answered YES to any of the questions above. In that case, thankfully, HeartMath gadgets emWave2 and Inner Balance (for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices) are NOW AVAILABLE to aid you!

For as little as 15 minutes a day and as short as 6 weeks only, these gadgets can greatly help do wonders for your health and wellness. We dare say, it prevents “inflammaging” by allowing you to quickly plug energy leaks.

Simply allow the gadget to synchronize with your heart rhythm, breathe along with the breathing pacer, and you’ll be on your way to better health. Consistently do this for 15 minutes a day for the prescribed period, and you’ll be training yourself to handle the many stresses of daily life and to build resilience.

What’s GREAT about the HeartMath Gadgets?

The emWave2 and Inner Balance have remarkable features that make them fantastic to use!

Easy & Convenient

  • It’s portable & convenient to use
  • It can be used anywhere & anytime

Innovative Approach

  • It provides realtime biofeedback
  • Enables you to change your heart rhythm pattern
  • Create physiological coherence in the body

Backed By Health Professionals

  • The HeartMath gadgets are recommended by over 10,000 health professionals

PLUS! Here are some of the Key Benefits that you surely will enjoy using HeartMath Gadgets!

With consistent use of the HeartMath Gadgets, you will surely enjoy these essential health and wellness benefits:

  • Calmer disposition
  • Better sleep quality
  • Better response to stress
  • Less worry
  • More alert
  • Better focus and decision making
  • More positive attitudes
  • Higher feelings of ease & inner peace
  • Balanced mind, body & emotions
  • Increased overall health
  • Improved resilience & wellbeing
  • Ease stress overload
  • Better relationships



Hi! I’m ELi! The Biohacking Pioneer of the Philippines

I sparked the Biohacking movement here in the Philippines.

My mission is to help individuals find and become their best selves.

You can be a top management executive or a rising entrepreneur wanting to bring your business to greater heights. You can be a high-performance athlete needing to hone your skills. You can even be just an everyday dad/mom wanting to be the best version of himself/herself for the family.

I'm here ready, able, and happy to help!

With many years of practicing biohacking, I observed that one major roadblock that keeps people from becoming their best and healthiest is STRESS OVERLOAD or the loss of resilience. When you are chronically stressed, YOU LOSE the ability to fully recover physically. YOU ARE NOT ABLE to respond to challenges in an emotionally balanced way. YOU CANNOT DECIDE on things level-headedly.

You simply cannot actualize your fullest Human Potential.

With that, I am ecstatic to share with you the latest HeartMath gadgets to aid individuals to recover, mind, and body, from the stresses of our challenging modern-day lives.

I've seen it happen! Patients who used the gadgets exhibited improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV) after the prescribed usage period! That's a clear indication their hearts have learned to recover and relax despite all the usual stressors in their daily lives.

With just a few minutes a day with a HeartMath gadget, you'll train your heart and then your entire being to self-regulate and to bounce back from the significant demands of everyday living!

Here's to the best, healthiest version of you!

What They Say...

I’ve got so many incredible things to share about the HeartMath gadgets. Still, I’d like you to read about what others would have to say about their experience with HeartMath:

“I am new to Heart Math and have been seeing some benefits already. On the first few nights I used it, I noticed better sleep, and I love that I have a go-to biohacking gadget to help switch my Automatic Nervous System (ANS) off when stressful incidents happen.”

Marilen Faustino Montenegro

Model, Designer, Homeschooling Mom

“I have been using HeartMath for several months now and everytime I have a session, even if just for 5 minutes, I immediately feel relaxed and calm. Doing this regularly has helped me regulate my body, mind and heart. I am quicker to go back to neutrality whenever I feel anxious, sad or angry. My sleep quality is better, too! I would recommend this to everyone!”

Shilah Yap

Co-Founder, Speaker, FreeMom Coach


I WANT you to SUCCEED in becoming your best, healthiest self!


  • The Course is “HeartMath: The Resilience Advantage”

  • You will learn HeartMath techniques and how to apply them to your daily life.

  • You will likewise learn how to replenish your inner battery, bounce back effectively, and how to boost your sleep quality.

  • The course is VALUED at Php15,000!!!

PLUS! Everyone who purchases a HeartMath gadget will become a member of a HeartMath private FB group. In there, we will discuss a plethora of HeartMath techniques to continually improve your resilience and response to stress.


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